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Internet POD

Fast, safe transportation service is only part of the service offered by OnTime Delivery. Shipment P.O.D. and detail information may be accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, free of charge at the OnTime Delivery website. Simply point and click your browser at the P.O.D. button. Then enter your I.D. and company security password (provided by OnTime Delivery to protect your valuable data), then click on login.

Your data may be accessed via numerous methods. For instance, you may simply enter the "Bill Number" you're interested in and click submit; or, enter your own "Reference Number" and click submit. You may wish to click on the button labeled "Yesterday" to review all of your shipments handled yesterday, or, "Today" to review all of your shipments handled today. All of your shipments delivered on a specified "Date", or a specified "Range of Dates" may also be reviewed with just one or two clicks. Detail for any particular bill may be viewed by merely clicking on "Detail" at the end of any P.O.D. line. OnTime Delivery is constantly striving to improve and enhance your service and the information you require. Already part of our valued family of customers? Why not check out a shipment right now!

Internet Orders

• 24 Hour On-Line Order Entry

Send us an order by visiting our web site any time, day or night. Simply click on the Send An Order button, fill in the easy to use order Screen, and click SEND. Your order will be received, logged and printed by the Ontime Delivery systems.

• Order Confirmation

Once your order is received, the OnTime Delivery systems will acknowledge and confirm receipt of your service request by assigning a confirmation tag i.d. to your order.

We're working hard to provide you with the best, most reliable and convenient service available anywhere. Please let us know how we're doing, and, how we can better serve you.

Internet E-Mail

Send us an e-mail to, or fill out and submit the feedback form. Our total communications package enables you to track your shipments, send an order, or send and receive messages easily, and economically, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.